Frequently Asked Questions: Windows

1) Why choose Hallmark?
Hallmark is a family owned and operated company and takes the greatest pride in workmanship and customer service. We take a pressure approach to making sure you are happy with your project

2) What is solar heat gain?
It is the amount of solar radiation that passes through the window system into the interior of the building. In the summertime, when the sun is shining, solar radiation comes into the building as heat, further increasing the inside temperature of your home. It can be reduced by using a window system with a lower solar heat gain rating.

3) What is tempered glass?
It is a type of safety glass made of heat strengthened glass. Upon impact (if the glass is broken) it will break into very small particles, reducing the risk of personal injury or property damage from falling shards of glass.

4) What is LoE ?
LoE is a thin, virtually invisible metallic coating applied to the glass that reflects heat back into the house during cold weather or back to the outside during hot weather. The "E" stands for emissivity - a surface's ability to emit long wave radiation or room temperature radiant heat. Different types of LoE have emissivities that range from .40 to .04. The lower the emissivity, the better the performance.

5) Can I paint or stain my windows?
One of the benefits of vinyl windows is never needing to strip, paint or stain them. Painting your vinyl windows can void your warranty.

6) How do I select the windows that are right for me?
We will come to your home or office to help you decide. The factors include window styles, energy efficiency, construction material and your budget. You may also need to consider what will blend in with the rest of our house or your neighborhood. In some cases, you may have style restrictions placed on you by your homeowners association or condo association.

7) Do the windows you install come with a warranty?
Yes they are. All of our windows come with workmanship and installation warranties. Furthermore, we've gone to great lengths to find the best manufacturers. After many years of installing windows, we know that our manufacturers cannot be beat.

8) Do I need to measure the windows myself?
We will send out an experienced measure technician to be sure that windows are measured to fit exactly.

9) What preparations need to be made in order to install the new windows?
We ask that you remove any curtains, blinds or window decorations, and that you try to make so room so that we can have easy access to the windows. We try to be as neat as possible and we never leave trash or any kind of mess at the work site.

10) Do you install Energy Star compliant windows?
Yes, in fact many of the windows we install come with special coatings such as the "Comfort Ti-R" coating used on some Vytex brand models. The coating reduces direct summer sun rays by as much as 13%. This reduces total heat gain, making it easier to cool the home in the summer and helping to protect fabric and upholstery.

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