Frequently Asked Questions: Roofing

1) Why choose Hallmark?
Hallmark is a family owned and operated company and takes the greatest pride in workmanship and customer service. We take a pressure approach to making sure you are happy with the roofing project.

2) Are roofing warranties transferable?
Today, most of the current warranties on shingles are indeed transferable from the original property owner to the subsequent homeowner under specific conditions that are detailed in the actual warranty.

3) What is the algae (or fungus) found on roofs?
In certain moist areas, algae can grow on shingles. Although the algae has no proven effect on shingle life, it does stain or discolor the shingle. Commonly (and usually incorrectly) called fungus, this algae staining can be unattractive. The algae-containing stains can be dramatically reduced by the use of special copper granules.

4) What are ice dams?
The typical ice dam is a buildup of ice that forms near the eaves or gutters as the result of interior heat escaping into the attic and through the roof decking. The heat melts the snow and ice on the upper areas of the roof resulting in melted water. This water runs to cold, lower areas or eaves and, depending on conditions, can refreeze. Leaks occur if the water finds its way under the shingles or behind fascias or cornices.